Critical Mass

“‘Critical Mass’ is composed of footage recorded at various shows from the latter half of 2011, including a nice spattering of clips from Electric Dreams.” Thanks OKIBI, Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks UNION SOUND SYSTEM and Ministry of Casual Living for supporting us this last year.


Remember how I said I wouldn’t post any samples from the album? Well that still means I can upload finished tracks. In light of the recent #occupywallstreet movement I created a reactionary track titled ‘Occupy’. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Grab the audio


‘Coyote’ by Joey Chaos. A partial Bildungsroman on the sublime ambience of dream architecture and selective transience. To quote my good friend Steffi, “Wait, what?” That’s right, I’ve directed a short film. Not quite the big news update you were expecting but that’s alright by me. Sweet deal. I’ve included music by my friends in […]