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Critical Mantra

Here’s a remix I did to cap things off. Polarizer is coming to an end. This album meant a lot to me, more than I gave it credit for and more than it got back from me. It’s the first time I put something out and I felt as strongly about it now as I did during its initial release.

I never had the means to promote it properly, to hand seal and send it off to all the community stations, papers and zines that I wanted to. Sometimes you just get too worn down and realize it’s time to do something different.

We’ve got a new EP in the not too distant future. Walker has been penning a lot of the new material and we’re stripping things back. I’ve got another solo project on the go too, All Hallow’s is looking pretty good to me but I’ve broken promises before. Anyways.

Fuck the fear. Here’s to new things.



You may have seen these floating about already but we’re pleased as punch to be sharing our brand new MAXI SINGLE for our first single off of POL∆RIZER, Heaven. Heaven features Elgin-Skye, Brian Hartlen and Sophie Fuldauer and is available NOW through our BANDCAMP PAGE via PAY WHAT YOU WANT. And you can stream the lil’ sucker right here.

Heaven has been remixed by Pacific North West electronic artists including Lucian Influx, Teddybare, Escape from Wherever, Bit Rat and GHSTLRD.

Big slimy props to Jordan Westre of Living Couch for providing the fantastic artwork for the single cover.


Polarizer by Joey Chaos

WE DID IT WE DID IT! The brand new album from us is out! Stream it for free on bandcamp, buy it for 10 bones! Good enough for a poke!

Special ups to Elgin-Skye, Brian Hartlen, K!M Vigilante and Sophie Fuldaur for sharing their stuff on the album!

Happy New Years Boyz’n’Gurlz

Happy New Year.

Our new album POLARIZER is almost complete and is soon to be sent off for mastering. It’s been a wild time and we’ve taken our sweet time but whatevs. We got a lil video treat for y’all so grab your beach blanket and head down to the orgy.