Nazi Punks Fuck Off

This has been brewing for a while but I have to get it off my chest. I really wanted to post about something different but enough enough.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to open for Combichrist and I regret this. At the time I didn’t know much about the controversy surrounding the band and its members and for this I am ashamed.

Despite Combichrist performer Andy LaPlegua’s claiming it’s for the sake of shock, the band continues to use sexually violent, Nazi and racist imagery in their live shows, videos and music. Recently band member Joe Letz has performed with The Birthday Massacre in blackface for the sake of shock. FUCK THIS. If your “art” and “persona” requires you defend racism on and off the stage FUCK YOU.

I got out of the mainstream goth/industrial scene years ago because of this, too many bands were normalizing these ideas and their fans defending them are as bad as any troll on reddit.

FUCK toxic masculinity, FUCK racism, FUCK anti-LGBTQ SWERF TERF rhetoric and beliefs in any scene. Fuck it in all it’s casual, ironic and hateful forms. This is not the time to use your white privilege to shock others. Be an ally. Fight your oppressors. Raise your voice. Be good to each other.

I’m also super stoked and proud about Vancouver’s blossoming dark scene – bands like Weird Candle, Shitlord Fuckerman, Timing X, Latex Honey Glove and Puritans for pushing boundaries in positive ways. Thank you to independent DIY venues like Red Gate Arts Society and Bla Ck Lab for creating safe spaces and promoting inclusivity in vancouvers increasingly marginalized music scene.


Read this TL;DR on all the above problems, in greater detail!

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