Partyfest 2016

We’re back baby and with friends. PARTYFEST 2016 #PARTYFEST IN RELEVANT PLACES FOR LOCATION! Vancouver’s best god damn party, Partyfest is back and so are we.  We got a new drummer and can’t wait to share the stage with Top Men, Pink Licorice, Spectregates, Timing X, DJ OKIBI and Funk McSplash. Vancouver, it’s been too […]

Happy Scummer

Hey summer, been doin’ stuff. Walker and I have been busy producing an album for our drummer Brian, it’s going to melt your skull. I’m also producing an album for Mina Ret. It will crystalize your orbs. GHSTLRD is busy recording an album. I’m almost done cooking a remix to kiss off POL∆RIZER and working […]


You may have seen these floating about already but we’re pleased as punch to be sharing our brand new MAXI SINGLE for our first single off of POL∆RIZER, Heaven. Heaven features Elgin-Skye, Brian Hartlen and Sophie Fuldauer and is available NOW through our BANDCAMP PAGE via PAY WHAT YOU WANT. And you can stream the lil’ […]